We provide Amazing Solutions

Web DevelopmentWe build enterprise applications in various languages. We are experts in front-end and back-end technologies required to develop high performing apps.

Mobile Application DevelopmentMobile world is growing day by day. People need solutions in their pockets. We will help you build your business on phones.

Business IntelligenceHaving data without analytics is of no use. We express the data in the reportable format by analysing and splicing it, for easy interpretation.

Big Data computingHaving lots of data and trying find in computing? We are experts in computing big data. We eradicate the need of backup servers.

Web hosting providerProfessional websites require a solid platform. We manage hundreds of domain names and also run Dedicated and Cloud based hosting solutions for our clients

Internet of ThingsWe provide IoT services. We are experts in designing of SmartHomes integrated with Automation. A unique blend.

Website designingWe offer a full website planning, workshop and design service for all industry sectors. We are also experts at creating websites for mobile phones and tablet devices.

eCommerce SolutionsWe can help you trade online with full e-commerce solutions comprising hundreds of products or maybe a simple payment gateway to accept customers transactions.

eLearning SolutionsWe offer a wide range of eLearning and mLearning solutions. We promote the use of digital learning.

Features List.

We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Responsive Layout

All our web applications and websites come handy with responsive layout. So you can access the apps on any device without hassle.

Powerful Performance

Our applications are optimized to run on any server configuration with low latency.

Predicting Future

We analyse and predict the future of your business. We benchmark your business with that of the market trends and give you a detailed report of how to go ahead with it.

Smart Homes

Smart homes is now a reality with Acceleromate's IoT solutions. Your devices will not just connect with each other, but they will communicate with each other and understand you.

Cloud computing

We provide support for AWS cloud services. If you're worried about your server costs, leave it to us. We provide bill on the go services that are completely affordable

Rich Graphics

We have passionate desingers who design websites, logos and images which are Retina ready.

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy for our clients to improve their business